Fascinated by color, Kévin Bideaux is a visual artist who deploys protean work on, around, and through the color pink. His work articulates body and color, history of art and linguistics, queer cultures and gender studies, and he goes beyond the physio-psychological experience of color to extend it to symbolic, political, esoteric or merely technical considerations. Color-matter, color-light, color language, symbolic, history, politics, he begins a semiological deconstruction of the color to propose a critical vision of the world and relations between the individual ones. Conceptual, pictorial or sculptural, he multiplies the historical and cultural references in artistic gestures sometimes kitsch, sometimes queer, but always in assumed positions. By creating rose, inc. (rose incorporated), a fictional entity dedicated to a pictorial theme, he connects his artistic productions with his scientific research on pink. Platform for human, theoretical, practical, artistic, scientific, feminist, political and poetic exchanges, rose, inc. is a transdisciplinary crossroads that crystallizes around the rose, whether object, subject or pretext.

From baby pink, pastel, soft and nostalgic, to punk pink, flashy, political and subversive, Kévin Bideaux works with all pink hues by summoning an equally wide range of emotions and feelings. If pink is the color of the flesh, it is in its merleau-pontian dimension that the artist conceives it, "this flesh of my body [which] is part of the world, [which] reflects it, [which] it encroaches on her and encroaches upon her," offering a holistic approach to the world and the individualities that make it up.


Kévin Bideaux is a graduate of a Master in Visual Art from the Sorbonne in Paris, and he is currently PhD student in Gender studies and Art. He belongs to the collective BareCare: Art & Health, the collective X, and he is a member of the Centre Français de la Couleur.