Kévin Bideaux is a french artist who multiplies the historical and cultural references to renew the link between art and science. Between genealogy and deconstructionism, he invites us to (re)think the everyday through prism of the myths and legends produced by the selections of history or the scientific subjectivity.


Promoting a deep superficiality, he does not hesitate to explore the repertoire of kitsch and humor to divert the socio-cultural and aesthetic codes. A division (whether binary or hierarchical) of cultural and artistic productions according to class or gender is dissolved in its practice which multiplies materials and techniques.


Intervening on his own skin, corporality as well as corporeality find a special and central place in his work. The body is scrutinized, analyzed, sculpted, deformed, fragmented, skinned and exhibited, revealing its biological and political mechanics. The artist is still exploring the ambiguity of sexual intimacy, a fertile ground for the exercise of power, in the grip of life and death.


In a holistic perspective, Kévin Bideaux seeks to blur the boundaries between the private and the public, between the organic and the social, between science and art, between oneself and the other, between being and the world. He thus approaches the concept of merleau-pontian flesh in a political and militant perspective of transformation of society.


Kévin Bideaux belongs to the collective BareCare, collective X, and he is a member of the Centre Français de la Couleur.